Mayor Honors Past ILI Board President

Last November, Northampton Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra signed a proclamation on behalf of the City in celebration of outgoing ILI Board President […]

#VoicesofILI : Heather Hall

You can find a lot of creative souls wondering the halls at ILI, including next up in our #VoicesOfILI series, […]

#VoicesofILI : Samira Artur

Up next on #VoicesOfILI is a true role model for all of our students. Samira Artur, who originally started at […]

#VoicesofILI : Macey Faiella

Ever find yourself digging up skeletons from the fourth century in France? Me neither – but #VoicesOfILI’s Macey Faiella can’t […]

VoicesOfILI is Here! Amy: From Burnout to Dream Job

Before moving out to the farm covered, home grown countryside that is Northampton, Amy was born and raised in Philadelphia. High school gave her a glimpse of the world as she spent five weeks studying French right in France. She headed off to college in Binghamton, NY and attended the State University of New York where she spent a semester studying at the University of Costa Rica.