Join us for Giving Voice (May 8): A celebration of Immigrants and Refugees

We at ILI are endlessly grateful for the many hours volunteers donate to supportThank you Volunteers with flowers our school and students.  Since September, volunteer tutors have helped 36 students and former students with 315 hours of individualized support; the volunteer conversation circle teacher has led 60 hours of class with 14 different students; and the marketing materials support volunteer has devoted many hours to creating materials for ILI’s Language Travel Program.

Volunteers help make our community stronger by supporting and empowering our immigrant neighbors; helping them find their voice as they navigate life in a different culture.  Volunteers also strengthen the community by helping boost our organization’s capacity to serve. The commitment to helping others and supporting our programs is as inspiring as it is humbling.

Thank you to all the ILI volunteers for sharing your skills, talents, and time; thank you for your compassion and empathy; and thank you for working to strengthen our community. You all make a difference!  And don’t just take our word for it, here are some words of gratitude from students who meet with volunteer tutors:

“My tutor is understanding and friendly.”

“I appreciate her time and I am very glad for her tutoring.  It’s so great.”

“She is very empathetic and searches for different interesting topics.  She helps me a lot.”

“My tutor is wonderful, she supports me a lot.”

“The tutor I have is excellent.  She helps me with my homework and teaches me new things.” 

“My tutor is really very good. I like her. She teaches really well. Time is not a problem for her. She can extend the duration of the lesson. She teaches a subject that I don’t understand very well. I hope ı can work with her for a long time.”

“My tutor is amazing. She has a lot of patience teaching me pronunciation and new vocabulary . I appreciate it.”  

“I really appreciated that I could work with a tutor!  It was really helpful.”

“My tutor is flexible, helpful, and kind.” 

“My tutor helps me not only improve my English, but also helps me with my personal difficulties.” 

“I always feeA bog shout out to ILI Volunteers!l good with my tutor.”

“My tutor listened to my English very patiently.” 

“My tutor is a very good teacher. I believe that I have improved a lot since I started to talk with him.” 

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with ILI,  visit our volunteer page or contact the volunteer coordinator,

Longtime ILI volunteer tutor Cindy Mahoney earns Points of Light recognition!

Points of Light, an international organization that focuses on outstanding volunteers, awarded CindyVolunteer, Cindy Mahoney sitting at her desk. Mahoney a Daily Point of Light recognition for exceptional volunteers who spark change and improve the world. ILI joins Points of Light in “celebration of the power of people who tackle society’s greatest challenges, and build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteerism and everyday actions, like Cindy.” Read her story and join the Global Volunteer Month celebration.