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Ready for a home away from home experience?

The language schools we send you to are part of the same international language teaching association ILI is a part of. It’s like we’re sending you to spend time with our friends abroad, and that comes with guarantees of a warm welcome, optimal academic quality and comfort away from home.

Study abroad with complete confidence

  • Feel at ease instantly, with our friendly schools which are aligned with our values, tried, tested, and trusted
  • Accelerate your learning with a fully immersive experience
  • Make friends quickly – it’s very hard not to when you’re in a class of like-minded people with a comparable language level to you
  • Relax, because behind the scenes we’ve got your back
  • See the country like a local, with our guides and planned excursions organized by the school
  • Learn your way – choose from a wide range of programs in each school

If you’re ready to choose, here are the languages you can study abroad with ILI. We’ll explain how it all works further down the page.

Learn a language abroad

Study French Abroad

A field of lavender in front of the Senanque Abbey in Provence, France.

For the ultimate French language learning experience, head to a French-speaking country! We can assist in finding a program and location to fit your needs.

Study Portuguese Abroad

An evening view of a sunset over the picturesque town of Porto, Portugal.

For the best Portuguese learning adventure, immerse yourself in a Portuguese-speaking country! Let us help you find the perfect location and program.

Study Spanish Abroad

A sunset over a cathedral.

For a top-notch Spanish learning experience, visit a Spanish-speaking country! We’ll assist in finding the ideal location and program for you.

Study Italian Abroad

A view up the Tiber River of Rome, Italy with St. Peter's Cathedral in the distance.

Take your Italian language learning up a notch by studying in Italy! We can help you choose from eight amazing locations.

Study German Abroad

A medieval town in Germany.

Consider a language immersion experience and study German in Germany! We can assist you in finding a location and program that’s right for you.

The advantages of learning a language abroad

Learning a language can take on many forms, from self-study with Duolingo, through local evening classes and private classes, to a fully-immersive, in-country ‘study abroad’ program. It’s normal these days to use a range of apps and approaches and like anything, the more time you spend on language learning, the further you’re going to get.

And yet…. there is something very, very special about studying the language abroad with ILI.

  • Learning in-country gives you massive exposure to the language, and you see and hear it in context – from street signs, to cafe conversations, to art gallery descriptions, and street market produce! You bask in the language, and that creates strong mental anchors you’ll probably never forget.
  • You are on vacation. A language vacation, so naturally, you’ve got all the fun of living somewhere new, walking through a new neighborhood, meeting new friends, discovering the culture, heritage and customs of a new country through meticulously planned activities and insider tips and recommendations.
  • You have the team back home at ILI rooting for you, and available to make sure all is well, both with you and with your host school. Knowing them well means we can pull any strings required to get you the very best experience possible. And you don’t pay any more than usual for that service.

How it works

We offer you a free, personalized service when it comes to studying a language abroad, because we know this has to be just right.

You might know exactly where you want to go, but if you’ve still got to make up your mind, you can use these pages of our website to find your chosen language travel option, and maybe draw up a shortlist of locations.

Whenever you’re ready, get in touch via our inquiry form and we can start looking at the finer details of your trip. Once you have narrowed down your preferred location(s), we’ll put you in touch with our partner schools who will help you come up with your dream itinerary in your chosen location. If you’re not sure, we can give you a couple of different options too.

Are language abroad programs for everyone?

You can attend a language course abroad at beginner level, or much later in your language learning journey. At any level you’ll learn and improve.

We have learned from some of our beginner students’ experiences that it’s helpful to take some classes with us at ILI to get a foundation prior to going abroad. You’ll anyways probably feel a bit more comfortable if you have a handful of useful words and phrases under your belt to help you get around to start with. The dream scenario would be to book a beginners language program with ILI a couple of months before your language travel. You can book it all at once with us.

All of our our partner organizations work like us, in that you’ll be in a group of students of a similar language level to you, the teachers will be enthusiastic and well qualified, and the atmosphere in class will be positive and up lifting.

What course formats are available with language travel?

In most of our schools abroad you can choose from a similar range of options to what we offer here at ILI in Northampton, MA. This will typically include:

  • General language programs in group classes
  • Intensive programs where you study for longer each day
  • One-on-one programs – where you only have private lessons, or you take additional private lessons after your group class
  • Specialist programs, for example for business language in the workplace

Additionally though, expect to find fun options where you combine your regular language classes with themed “plus options”, such as Italian and Cooking classes, French and Golf classes, Portuguese and surfing!

Course fees to study a language abroad

Prices vary a lot depending on the type of course you choose, length of stay, accommodation, transportation to and from the airport and additional tours that you may want to add. Don’t forget that you pay no more by going through ILI than you would if you booked directly with the school.

That’s because we get a small commission from the study abroad school when you book. The good news is we use this commission to subsidize our free English programs for refugees here in Northampton, MA. The longer you study abroad with us, the more you help us in our mission!

“ILI has been a tremendous help in my journey to learn Spanish. I’ve taken many classes as well as traveled to several language schools in Spain and Latin America. It’s been so helpful to know ahead of time that the quality of the schools would be high. Not all schools have the same priorities as ILI, so their recommendations have been crucial! Gracias!”

A woman in front of a volcano
G. Gray ILI student who studied Spanish Abroad in Spain and Latin America

Got a Question?

See if our frequently asked questions answer what’s on your mind…

Selected FAQs

Yes. Many of our partners offer Language + Activity type of courses. Here are some example courses: Spanish and cooking; French and wine tasting; Italian and fashion; Portuguese and surfing and many more combinations.

Some of our partner schools have campuses in different ciites and allow students to spend part of their time in one location and continue their studies in another one as they follow the same curriculum.

We are accredited by the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) and have created great partnerships with other small language schools around the world.

We have sent students to a number of schools and in exchange we receive a commission on the student’s tuition for the recommendation at no extra cost to you. We put this money towards our Free English Program for Immigrants and Refugees. This helps close the gap on funding we receive from the state of Massachusetts and what the program actually costs to run.

Most of our partner schools have a minimum of one week requirement for their language travel program so you can go for a week or more!

Yes. Many of our partner schools offer language classes for younger kids as well so there could be opportunities to plan a family language travel experience depending on your destination.

Most of our partners offer homestay, shared or studio apartments options.

What to do next

  1. Explore our Study Abroad options and choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Get in touch with us and tell us about your plans and ideas.
  3. A language travel advisor will contact you with more information and options.

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