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A deal just for ILI students

We have some exciting promotions for students planning to join our Language Travel in Colombia for a minimum of two weeks:

  • 10% Discount: Receive a 10% discount on any study program booked by June 30.
  • 50% Discount on Registration Fees: Agencies can enjoy a 50% discount on registration fees.
  • Free Transfer in Cartagena: Book two weeks of accommodation in our student residence or school apartments in Cartagena and get a free one-way transfer. (Note: This offer is not valid for Medellín.)
  • 15% Discount on Combo: Save 15% when you book a course along with accommodation in the Medellín student residence, or in a private or shared apartment in Cartagena.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offers cannot be combined.
  2. Valid from May 20, 2024, to June 30, 2024, for stays during the 2024-2025 period.
  3. Promotions are valid for stays of a minimum of 2 weeks.

Take advantage of these offers and enhance your Spanish learning experience with an unforgettable stay in Colombia!

Program Locations

Study Spanish Abroad in Colombia

Interested in immersing yourself in the Colombian culture? ¡Chévere! Looking to soak up the Caribbean sun in northern Colombia? ¡Perfecto! How about exploring the modern city of Medellín, also known as the city of the “eternal spring” in the Andes? ¿Por qué no?

The benefits of learning Spanish in Colombia

  • Experience new places and cultures
  • Interact with the locals to practice and improve your Spanish skills
  • Practice your language skills while exploring the country’s natural beauty
  • Boost your self-confidence and adaptability
  • Advance your career with your international experience and language skills

Program Info

Tuition Fees Average of $500/week with accommodation
Language levels Beginners and up
Location ?


In-country classes are when you travel overseas to study the language in a country where the language is spoken natively.

Minimum age 18
Frequency Start almost any Monday

Group Size

Maximum 8

Course Timings

Duration Minimum of 1 week

Choose where to learn Spanish in Colombia

We have two exquisite Colombian locations for your language travel adventure. We’ll be able to help you choose if you’re not sure. But here they are:

Spanish in Cartagena

Sunset Over Cartagena Colombia
  • Located on the northern coast of Colombia
  • Join in the after-class fun activities
  • Put on your dancing shoes and spin around the dance floor in a salsa club
  • Wander the labyrinthian streets of Cartagena’s walled city
  • Marvel the iconic Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the largest fort in South America
  • Lounge on one of Cartagena’s beaches
  • Savor the local flavors

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Spanish in Medellín

Medellín, Colombia with the mountains in the background
  • Located in central Colombia at the base of Aburra valley and surrounded mountains
  • Referred to as the City of Eternal Spring for its year-round springlike temperature
  • Visit Plaza Botero, home to 23 sculptures from the famous artist from Medellín know for his drawing and statues of oversized people
  • Take a gondola right from the subway to the entrance of Parque Arvi for a beautiful ride through the hills with incredible views of the valley and city
  • Explore el Jardín Botánico for a quiet retreat from the noise and chaos of the city

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“The teachers are dedicated, timely and engaging, the staff friendly, helpful and considerate of your needs. The history of the country is fascinating, and it is much safer to travel in than it was 15 years ago.”

Language Travel student Sarah McKusick portrait smiling
Sarah McKusick Studied Spanish with ILI in Colombia

Program Info

Tuition Fees Average of $500/week with accommodation
Language levels Beginners and up
Location ?


In-country classes are when you travel overseas to study the language in a country where the language is spoken natively.

Minimum age 18
Frequency Start almost any Monday

Group Size

Maximum 8

Course Timings

Duration Minimum of 1 week


Choose your course type

Our study abroad partner school in Colombia offers different range of program formats to choose from:

International group classes (mornings only or mornings + afternoons)

Studying Spanish with our partners has the cool perk that your classmates are from all over the world! However, the common language in and out of the classroom is Spanish.

At first, it might seem a bit scary, but don’t worry. You will be placed in classes according to your language level, so it’s all good, even if you’re a beginner. Your Spanish teacher will help you feel relaxed and make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

Extra private Spanish lessons in the afternoons

While you will usually attend group classes, it is generally possible to add a handful – maybe 5 or 10 per week – of private Spanish lessons where you’ll pay extra to have your own personal Spanish tutor.

Just like the private Spanish classes we offer at ILI, you’ll be able to use that private time to boost your learning, focus on a troublesome area of language, or prepare for a specific event or situation which can’t be covered easily in a group context.

Tailored Programs

In addition to general Spanish programs, our partners have experience developing tailored programs for students, for example:

  • Spanish for families with children
  • Courses for Specific Purpose (literature, architecture, ancient medicine, business, climate change, etc.)
  • Spanish and Colombian Life where students leave the classroom and go to the streets

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

Package options

Our partners will help you with the whole package – everything you need to think about to get you from where you are now, to sitting in a sunny classroom somewhere in Colombia, learning Spanish!

We know it can seem like a big leap, which is why we help you with all the moving parts:

Airport transfer (additional fee)

The school can provide a customized airport transfer service for your convenience, ensuring a smooth journey from your arrival at the airport.

Should you require it, they can also arrange transportation back to the airport on the day of your departure.


They’ll advise you on the most popular accommodation options in each location, and they’ll do everything they can to support any special requirements you have.

Our colleagues in each school will then have you complete their forms to book you into the accommodation of your choice. It’s really that easy. Before you leave for Colombia, they’ll be in touch with all the contact details you need, along with clear instructions on how to find your accommodation, and travel between the accommodation and the school.

Colorful street of Guatape, Colombia


One thing is certain, there will always be plenty to do when you’re studying Spanish abroad in Colombia. Sure, you’ll have your Spanish lessons each day from Monday to Friday, but that won’t generally take up the whole day, unless you book a very intensive Spanish course.

Our partner school organizes activities at least 3 times a week. Sometimes more! Many will be low-key social activities with the goal of getting you to experience the daily life and customs of the Colombian people.

In addition to the weekly activities included in the study program, they organize many outings and excursions during the weekends. These are extra activities which have an additional cost.

And of course, if all that sounds like too much, these activities are optional. You can kick back, go find a beach or a quiet cafe, and watch the world go by.

3 Colombian women wearing traditional dresses sitting on the stairs in front of a blue door
Portrait of 3 Palenqueras

If you require a different course duration or a different class time to usual, please get in touch and we’ll tell you what’s possible and provide you with a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re certain that you’ll have plenty of questions ahead of booking a Spanish in Colombia language program with us, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most. Please use the form below to get in touch, and we’ll be right back to you.

Selected FAQs

Yes. Many of our partners offer Language + Activity type of courses. Here are some example courses: Spanish and cooking; French and wine tasting; Italian and fashion; Portuguese and surfing and many more combinations.

Some of our partner schools have campuses in different ciites and allow students to spend part of their time in one location and continue their studies in another one as they follow the same curriculum.

We are accredited by the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) and have created great partnerships with other small language schools around the world.

We have sent students to a number of schools and in exchange we receive a commission on the student’s tuition for the recommendation at no extra cost to you. We put this money towards our Free English Program for Immigrants and Refugees. This helps close the gap on funding we receive from the state of Massachusetts and what the program actually costs to run.

Most of our partner schools have a minimum of one week requirement for their language travel program so you can go for a week or more!

Yes. Many of our partner schools offer language classes for younger kids as well so there could be opportunities to plan a family language travel experience depending on your destination.

In most cases, when studying abroad, the availability of food options can vary. Many of our partners offer accommodations with the option of one or two meals a day as part of the package. You may also choose to do all your food shopping or eat out if you prefer.

The cost of studying abroad can vary widely depending on several factors, including how long you go for, the type of course. you choose, accommodation, airport transfers, and other expenses. However, as a general guideline, you can expect to budget approximately $500 per week for tuition and accommodation. Keep in mind that the overall cost may fluctuate based on your specific choices and the duration of your stay as well as airfare and spending money.

Most of our partners offer homestay, shared or studio apartments options.

When it comes to making arrangements for flights and transportation from the airport to your accommodation, students are responsible for purchasing their flight tickets independently. However, our partner schools often offer the convenience of airport transfers, which can be booked in conjunction with the courses and accommodations. This service simplifies the process of getting from the airport to your destination once you arrive at your study location.

Our students typically travel on their own, accompanied by a partner, friend, or family members. Additionally, our partner schools have the capability to host group trips, and we can assist in organizing these group language travel experiences. However, currently, we do not personally accompany the groups on these trips. Perhaps in the future, we might consider offering such a service as we continue growing!

Still got an unanswered question?

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Portrait of Caroline Gear - Executive Director
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  • We nurture relationships beyond the classroom.
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  • We work collaboratively to build and sustain the communities we serve.
  • We believe in life-changing teaching and learning.