Online Spanish Courses: Definition

An online Spanish course consists of Spanish classes where you, your Spanish teacher and any other students may all be located in different geographical locations, but where the lessons takes place live and spontaneously with everyone connecting into an online meeting place.

Online Spanish lessons at ILI – how it works (so well!)

At ILI, our online Spanish courses take place in such a way that you’re quickly going to forget you’re not in the same room!

Our online Spanish lessons are always live – so they happen the same way an in-person, face-to-face Spanish class would work. We offer both group online Spanish classes and private Spanish lessons. The group size will tend to be smaller online if anything, just to make sure everyone has a good amount of talking time.

Our teachers also know how to ensure an online lesson is dynamic and full of positive energy. We like to think our expertise and passion shine in every lesson!

Benefits of online Spanish lessons

There are some clear advantages of learning Spanish online:

  • No hassle driving to your class. Just log in from where you are
  • Join a group class with colleagues from around the country (or worldwide)
  • Great if you’re schedule is packed – just be present for the timespan of the lesson
  • Access to course resources in Google Classroom 24/7
  • Maximized speaking time with pair work activities in breakout rooms in Zoom

Online Spanish Course Options

All of the following Spanish course formats are available as an online option. You’ll be able to specify when you book!

Private Spanish Lessons

Teacher writing on newsprint with student looking on.

Our Private Spanish lessons allow you to shape your learning around your busy life. You choose the times, days and topics – we’ll do the rest!

Spanish for the Workplace

Four people talking.

Our corporate Spanish training programs come in ten-week blocks at all levels, or we can build a workplace Spanish program just for you.

Our Spanish Teachers

Samira Artur teaches an Elementary Spanish class at the International Language Institute.

Our Spanish teachers are professionals with Master’s Degrees or TESOL certificates and a minimum of one year teaching experience in creative and student-centered teaching.

ILI has been teaching languages and training teachers since 1984, bringing students the best learning experiences.

“The instructor dutifully balances the course work with spirited play. His weekly welcome and enthusiasm is instrumental to keeping the group focused and excited to learn. Also, he is willing to go a bit off the map without sacrificing the lesson. Praise and thanks!”

Steven learned Spanish in-person at ILI works at Forbes Library

Check Your Spanish Level

Unsure of the level you are at in the language you want to learn? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Ask Samira for an assessment in the language you are interested in. She will arrange an appropriate instructor to assess you in a 10-15-minute conversation, and then when you register for a course, we can place you in the class that will be best for you.

If you are a zero-level beginner, you’ll start in our Level 1 class, so need for an assessment.

Or if you are unsure about anything…

Got a Question?

See if our frequently asked questions answer what’s on your mind…

Selected FAQs

We generally use Zoom for our online language classes, as it is widely available and the functionality works well for the way we teach. If you are booking language classes online for your company, and you use a different platform (e.g. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams), we will be able to adjust our delivery to fit in with you.

You will meet people from around the world with a variety of backgrounds in your online class. You will practice everything you would in an in-person class: speaking, listening, reading, grammar, pronunciation, and writing. If you are in a group language class, you will have many opportunities to practice speaking with your classmates one-on-one and in small groups.

  • Having a hard copy of your class book can be a real help. You can pick one up at our school in Northampton. Just give us a heads up when you can drop by so that we have one ready for you.
  • Take a little time before class to get your online learning environment ready. We recommend having good lighting and being within 2-3 feet of your computer camera. This way the teacher and other students can have a more visual feel for how students are reacting to lessons and activities. Have a notebook and something to write with.
  • Read the 7 Strategies for Success in your ILI workbook.
  • We always recommend that students take a little time before and or after your class to review the lessons.
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What to do next

  1. Explore our Spanish program options and choose the one that suits you best
  2. Get a language level assessment if you need to
  3. Register for your chosen course!

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