State financial support for language training in the workplace…

ILI is an approved provider for the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. This means that the state of Massachusetts will provide financial assistance (50-100% of the costs) to businesses that offer language instruction at their work sites. Through its Workplace Language Program ILI designs and delivers language training in English to speakers of other languages as well as French, Spanish, and Portuguese, thus offering opportunities for employees to improve their communication skills with their various colleagues and customers.
ILI’s courses focus on flexible and effective communication. Each course provides an initial assessment with the business owner(s), on-going evaluation and reports, check-ins with supervisors and other interested personnel, and final evaluations and recommendations for future study. Whether you are a business training up your staff in Spanish or an international firm tightening up your team’s English business writing abilities, our aim is to teach practical language skills that can be put to use in the workplace immediately. Questions? Contact:

…and for individuals!

ILI’s course that trains teachers to teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL Certificate Course) is also state approved through the Individual Training Program. Counselors at MassHire Career Centers can help learners apply for an Individual Training Account, which provides tuition for job seekers who need approved training for successful re-entry to the workforce. Eligible individuals choose from a pre-approved list of training courses, which include ILI’s online English teacher training course.
In addition, ILI’s TESOL is an approved training course under a separate state entity —the Training Opportunity Program. This allows individuals to enroll in an approved training program such as TESOL while collecting unemployment insurance benefits and may enable learners to collect up to an additional 26 weeks of benefits. Note that this program does not include tuition funding. LEARN MORE

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