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Whether you are a health-care provider looking to improve your employee’s English skills, a business training up your staff in Spanish or other languages, or an international firm tightening up your team’s English business writing skills, our aim is to teach practical language skills that can be put to use in the workplace immediately.

We’ve worked with some of the leading institutions in our region, and we’d be delighted to add you to the list.

Pick a language!

We design and deliver workplace language training in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Spanish. Incorporating workplace vocabulary and culture components, our business language training delivers the dynamic teaching and learner-centered methodology for which ILI is widely known.

If you are looking for a different language, please get in touch with us, as we can provide most languages via online

Choose how to learn a language

We expect that every program we provide to you will be adapted to your organisational needs.

You can choose the learning format that suits you best:

  • Intensive language programs delivered in your offices or our Northampton school
  • Live online lessons which are ‘face-to-face’ with a teacher, like a Zoom call
  • Private individual, mini-group or larger group formats
  • A handful of ad-hoc hours or a formal program

Financial Assistance for Massachusetts Businesses

Financial assistance is available to qualifying businesses with 50-100% reimbursement of the cost of language instruction.  ILI is proud to be an approved provider for the Workforce Training Fund.   

ILI’s Workforce Training Fund Course Descriptions

Step by Step Instructions to apply for the Workforce Training Fund Express Grant

Workplace Training Language Options

English for the Workplace

A large group of ESOL students who work in a hospital.

Workplace English boosts English language communication skills in your place of work. Individual or group, online or face-to-face, it’s all possible.

Spanish for the Workplace

Four people talking.

Our corporate Spanish training programs come in ten-week blocks at all levels, or we can build a workplace Spanish program just for you.

“I enjoyed that the learning focused on actually using the language in daily life rather than just solely focusing on exact proper grammar.”

A woman with long hair smiling
Kat Schreiner Public School Teacher

Got a Question?

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Selected FAQs

That’s a great question! First you must go to the Workforce Training Express Program website to apply for the grant. The website has a list of documents and information that you must submit for eligibility from your employer. Please submit grant applications at least 21 days before the start of your Spanish course. Go here to find a list of Spanish Workforce Training course numbers. Type Spanish into the Course Name section and search for International Language Institute in the Provider Name section. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

We still have options. We can provide semi-private tutorials or have your employees join the World Language classes that we regularly run. We can bill you, as the employer, directly.

Whether you’re a business training up your staff in Spanish or other language or an international firm tightening up your team’s English business writing skills, our aim is to teach practical language skills that can be put to use in the workplace immediately.

Our Workplace language training also includes a cultural component to help your employees collaborate proactively with colleagues and contribute meaningfully to the mission of your organization.

We offer all levels of language classes to students with specialized terminology added depending on the specific workplace. Generally, most students need to learn how to communicate in the target language using basic grammar. Specific workplace dependent vocabulary is built into general lessons. For instance, vocabulary like policy, agent, deductible, theft, loss accident, etc. can be added to our curriculum because the grammar constructions (past, present, future, continuous grammar tenses…) are the same no matter the vocabulary.

Maximum on-line class capacity: 10 students per section
Maximum in-person class capacity: 10 students per section

  • Relevant materials
  • First day assessment
  • On-going informal evaluations and supervisor check-ins as needed
  • Final evaluations and recommendations for further study

It is possible that your company may qualify for the Workforce Training Fund. Click here for more information.

Please click here for FAQ about eligibility and other funding questions.

Courses are designed to be flexible and focused on effective communication that can be used outside of class right away. Our language training for employees integrates the four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. At the lower levels, participants focus on speaking and understanding to make an immediate impact in the workplace. Our courses incorporate the specific grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills that make the most sense for your employees to learn and practice. Class activities include pair and group work, role plays, work with pictures and authentic materials (readings, audio and video, etc.), writing exercises, and vocabulary building.

A typical 12 week (18 hour) class costs $5,400 ($300/hour flat fee)*. Program length can be customized.

Classes can be held at our school in Northampton, at your workplace if you are within 30 miles of ILI or online.

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