Independent Observations

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Independent Observation Policy

ILI has many requests to observe classes.  Our TESOL participants and tutors in the Volunteer Tutor Program may do this without charge.  They then process what they observe in their respective programs.

The procedure for independent observers is the following:

  1. Fill out the short observation application form.
  2. Talk to one of ILI’s trainers.  The trainer will arrange for a class for the observer to watch.  Upon confirmation from the teacher, the trainer will notify the observer.
  3. After the class, the trainer and observer will talk again to process the observation. (This can also be done by email.) The charge for this is $50.

For a block of 20 hours, the observer will meet with the trainer at the beginning, twice during the observation time frame and once at the end.  The observer may, upon a teacher’s agreement, teach a 20-min. observed lesson.  The charge for a 20-hr.- observation block is $400.