Graduate Credit

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Five Graduate Credits are available through the World Learning SIT TESOL Certificate.

You have the choice of whether or not to pursue graduate credit, but need to decide before the course begins. Regulations state that once the course has begun there is no reconsideration on the part of the World Learning SIT Graduate Institute Registrar’s Office. If you wish to pursue graduate credit you will be given a link by the Training Center at which you have enrolled in the course, and will register for credit on an online World Learning SIT registration site.

Choosing the credit option means that you will pay an additional $500 fee directly to World Learning SIT, and upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded five graduate credits. Ordinary payment method is by check, but as a convenience, SIT offers the choice of credit card online payments by Master Card, Visa, or Discover with a flat convenience fee of $50 per transaction for payment of the registration fee.

In submitting the graduate credit application you indicate that you have chosen to take the course for graduate credit, and that you understand that if you change your mind or fail to complete the course credit requirements the cost of credit will not be refunded.

For more information please contact Erik Tancorov at the SIT Graduate Institute:, (202) 464-6579

World Learning SIT TESOL Graduate Credit Application: this site is for Participant who have already been accepted into a TESOL Program.

Please note:
The World Learning SIT TESOL Certificate is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Credits earned from the World Learning SIT Graduate Institute are transferable only at the discretion of the receiving school.