ILI acquires Alexis Johnson Annex!

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ILI is now the proud owner of the Alexis Johnson Annex, and as the picture clearly shows, we are incredibly happy!
Purchasing the 1,000 sq. ft. annex (part of ILI’s current location) for use as classrooms and office space was the brainchild of our co-founder and now-retired executive director Alexis Johnson. Achieving this goal means we have acquired a valuable asset and reduced our operating expenses.
More than  100 generous donors from local communities made it possible to secure the downpayment to purchase the annex. Without their support, this long-time dream would still be just that — a dream.
A special shoutout goes to the Beveridge Family Foundation and Alexis for kickstarting the fundraising and to Mary Commanger, Jeff Palm, Lyman Wood, and the ILI Board of Directors — all of whom went above and beyond in their support of the fundraising campaign.