Our Advanced Portuguese Courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of language enthusiasts like you. Whether you’re aiming to perfect your grammar, continue expanding your vocabulary, or simply sharpen your conversational skills, we’ve got the perfect learning path for you.

Advanced Portuguese: Definition

An advanced Portuguese speaker is a student who has surpassed basic proficiency, demonstrating nuanced understanding of grammar, an extensive vocabulary, and the ability to engage in sophisticated conversation. If this sounds like you, you are an advanced Portuguese speaker!

Check out our Portuguese levels, and see what level you really are.

What is there to learn in an Advanced Portuguese Class?

As someone who knows Portuguese well, you might agree that there’s always more to discover and understand. The process of learning seems like it never really stops.

Maybe you wish to become even better at speaking Portuguese, feeling more sure of yourself in various social settings. Perhaps you’re thinking about using more specialized Portuguese for your job or with family in a Portuguese speaking country. No matter your reasons, we believe we can help you right here at ILI Northampton, located in the heart of Massachusetts, USA.

Who will be in an Advanced Portuguese Class with me?

In an advanced Portuguese course, there’s likely to be a mix of different skill levels. If you’re advanced in Portuguese, you’ve probably gathered language skills, grammar knowledge, and vocabulary from various sources. Your learning journey is unique compared to others in the class.

However, this diversity is an advantage at this stage. You not only benefit from your Portuguese teacher’s careful corrections but also learn new expressions and approaches from your classmates.

At the advanced level, the focus shifts from structured learning to advanced vocabulary, idiomatic phrases, reminders and corrections, and a strong emphasis on fluency.

While your teacher has a plan for each lesson, it’s more common at an advanced level to go off the planned path, explore different topics, and enjoy the conversation – much like real-life situations outside the classroom.

I used to speak Portuguese fluently, but I’ve lost that now. Am I still advanced?

Let’s give it a try. If you’re about to register for a course but aren’t sure about your proficiency level, reach out to us. We can schedule a speaking assessment for you. During this assessment, you’ll have a brief chat with one of our Portuguese teachers. Based on your conversation, they’ll provide a recommendation on the appropriate starting point for your Portuguese lessons.

Can I take any format of Portuguese course at ILI Northampton at advanced level?

We generally have options for advanced Portuguese speakers in most of our programs. However, if the specific format you’re interested in is not available at your level (for example, if a group is already full), don’t worry. We can always offer you personalized one-on-one lessons to get you back into learning as quickly as possible.

For advanced Portuguese speakers like yourself, another exciting option is studying Portuguese abroad. At your proficiency level, you can fully leverage your language skills, immersing yourself both inside and outside the classroom. This way, you can engage in conversations across a wide range of situations.

Here are our Advanced Portuguese course options for you to consider. If you need help choosing, let us know!

Portuguese Course Options

Group Portuguese Lessons Online

Someone in front of a computer with a book

Our Group Portuguese lessons take place online and you can access classes from anywhere in the world. The days and times depend on your level.

Private Portuguese Lessons

ILI teacher, Beth, giving a Portuguese lesson.

Our Private Portuguese lessons allow you to shape your learning around your busy life. You choose the times, days and topics – we’ll do the rest!

Study Portuguese Abroad

An evening view of a sunset over the picturesque town of Porto, Portugal.

For the best Portuguese learning adventure, immerse yourself in a Portuguese-speaking country! Let us help you find the perfect location and program.

Our Portuguese Teachers

ILI teacher, Beth, giving a Portuguese lesson.

Our Portuguese teachers are professionals with Master’s Degrees or TESOL certificates and a minimum of one year teaching experience in creative and student-centered teaching.

ILI has been teaching languages and training teachers since 1984, bringing students the best learning experiences.

“My Portuguese lessons with my instructor are exceptional. His pedagogical approach is solid, and we use our lessons to discuss many important cultural issues, including various Brazilian artistic disciplines.”

Andy Jaffe at his piano.
Andy Jaffe Composer/Arranger/Educator/Author

Check Your Portuguese Level

Unsure of the level you are at in the language you want to learn? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Ask Samira for an assessment in the language you are interested in. She will arrange an appropriate instructor to assess you in a 10 to 15-minute conversation, and then when you register for a course, we can place you in the class that will be best for you.

If you are a zero-level beginner, you’ll start in our Level 1 class, so need for an assessment.

Or if you are unsure about anything…

Got a Question?

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Selected FAQs

Yes you can. We recommend a minimum of 10 hours of private language lessons because as that allows your teacher to plan your learning trajectory and help you achieve the best progress.

There is no simple answer to this question. There are many factors that can both help and hinder a student’s learning. However, students will be able to start speaking immediately in the target language with appropriate grammar and vocabulary to match the level of class they are in. Read more

You will meet people from around the world with a variety of backgrounds in your online class. You will practice everything you would in an in-person class: speaking, listening, reading, grammar, pronunciation, and writing. If you are in a group language class, you will have many opportunities to practice speaking with your classmates one-on-one and in small groups.

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What to do next

  1. Explore our Portuguese program options and choose the one that suits you best
  2. Get a language level assessment if you need to
  3. Register for your chosen course!

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