Markus Jones, ILI Volunteer and President of ILI’s Board, recently took some time to talk about what ILI means to him. Markus started out by stating, “It’s always about the mission.”

ILI’s mission is to promote intercultural understanding and diverse communities by providing high-quality language instruction and teacher training. ILI is one of many great organizations based in Northampton with values centered around community. Markus reflects our colorful community in his video by calling ILI the “secret sauce”, and he explains that not only is ILI a great school, but it helps reduce barriers between people, provides a support system, and is responsible for a safe and meaningful environment.

Markus discusses how ILI is made up of staff, students, board members, volunteers, and more and calls for our fellow community members to join us in promoting ILI’s mission. Whether you donate, volunteer, or share our posts on social media- there are many important ways to get involved in helping promote and nurture the mission of ILI.

Thanks for taking the time Markus, we loved hearing your words!

Learn more about ILI’s mission and upcoming language courses.

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