A woman holding a tennis racket.

Volunteer Spotlight

My name is Sharon Ginsburg and I live in Florida. I volunteer as a tutor for ILI and have had great experiences with each one of the students I have tutored.

I feel that volunteering is a wonderful way to help people improve their lives. Improving their English skills can result in better communication with others and better chances to get better jobs.  

As a tutor I learn so much from my students. I feel I learn more from them than they do from me! Learning about other cultures and customs, as well as about their families, is enriching and rewarding.

I started teaching ESL many years ago in CT where I spent most of my adult life. I have tutored students from Brazil, Columbia, Russia, Korea, Spain, France and the list goes on and on. Currently I am tutoring two students at ILI, one from Brazil and one from Tibet. I thoroughly enjoy meeting with both of them once a week on FaceTime. Seeing their faces develops a connection that to me is so important.

My life is so blessed with a wonderful family and many close friends, and my tutoring at ILI has added a whole new dimension to my retired life. I enjoy word games, playing cards, and tennis and I hope to continue tutoring for many years in the future.