Smith College Museum of Art

A view of Smith College art museum.

Sharing the best of Northampton with our international students in the ILI intensive English program is a highlight of each course. And for many years, that has included a visit to the art museum at (one of the best colleges in the U.S.), just a short walk from ILI’s building. The museum is well known for its excellent collection and also for its school and family programs that enhance personal appreciation of art.

ILI students at the Smith College Museum of Arts.

Therefore, it was a memorable experience for students and ILI teachers this month when we entered the museum for the first time since the pandemic began in 2020. Always welcoming, the museum’s staff once again treated students to an interactive tour that was both informative and reflective of our student-centered commitment to learning. During the visit, Smith College museum staff encouraged students to describe, interpret, and evaluate–in a group session–three paintings from the museum’s collection. The tour and discussion capped several days of in-class preparation, where students practiced describing different works of art, explaining why they are personally drawn to certain images, and giving presentations.

Thanks to the Smith College Museum of Art for their commitment to intercultural understanding in our local communities and to excellent education values!

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