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It is not unusual for us to hear that ILI is a unique learning experience, giving  rise to vastly improved language skills while creating a sense of common purpose and “family” among students. Here’s why we think that happens.

Since 1984, ILI has provided language learning courses for international students, local and regional businesses and residents of western Massachusetts. This work stems directly from our mission to promote intercultural understanding and diverse communities through high-quality language instruction and teacher training.

We know that language can bring people together or sometimes create barriers that are difficult to overcome. We understand that in this country and many others, poor skills in the “official” language contribute to the marginalization of many people, making it hard for them to realize their full potential. At ILI, we provide English language training in the hopes of bringing a truly multicultural, and linguistically equitable, society to reality.

We believe that fundamental misunderstandings, mistrust, and even aggression among nations can be overcome when people interact with respect for different cultures and different languages. This is true at individual, business, and government levels. ILI encourages second and world language learning and cross-cultural awareness for both native and non-native speakers of English. By adhering to our Statement of Principles, we endeavor to make an IMPACT in this important area.

Traditional approaches to language training teach in an intellectualized way, rather than providing students with the means to communicate and perform even basic, daily tasks in the language they want to learn. We seek to reverse this trend by teaching in a meaningful context, consistently encouraging active student participation in — and evaluation of — the learning experience. This intense level of student participation in program context and structure ensures the relevance and effectiveness of our offerings.

In keeping with our commitment to learner-centered methodologies, ILI courses cater to different learning styles. We incorporate VAKTastic principles and Visual, Aural, Kinesthetic, and Tactile materials and activities.

All classes are now online, conducted by trained professionals who love to teach. Before classes start, students receive an ILI course booklet created to make language learning as efficient as possible. We use Zoom for our live classrooms and provide easy-to-follow instructions for Google Classroom activities.

We hope to see you in our classes soon. Above all, they focus on speaking and using the language, and they are just plain fun!

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