Tutor Guidelines

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You have made a commitment to tutor with ILI for a minimum of 6 months (2 semesters).
The Volunteer Tutor Coordinator will arrange the first meeting with you and your learner whenever possible. The VTC will spend time introducing and orienting each of you to tutoring logistics and expectations, and then you will meet with the learner yourself for the rest of the first session. If the VTC is unavailable to meet with you, it is the Tutor’s responsibility to set up the first meeting with her/his learner. Be sure to ask the learner to repeat her/his understanding of the day, date, time and place of that first meeting. Be sure to say your name multiple times.

You should notify the VTC if your sessions are discontinued for any reason. You are welcome to contact the VTC for logistical help, re-obtaining contact information, or frustrations.

Resource materials are available for your use. You cannot remove these materials from the school but you can make up to ten copies per month. The VTC, teachers, and other staff are available to help you with tutoring.

Some space is available for tutoring at ILI-especially room 3. To use one of the rooms, sign up in advance, either with the VTC or on the room’s sign-up sheet on the door. Paid classes and tutorials, and ILI meetings, have priority for room space over tutoring, if there is a space use conflict. Please leave the room neat, the lights off and the door open. Be sure to use only dry erase markers on the white boards. It is strongly recommended that you read the Culture-gram about your learner’s native country. Feel free to make an appointment or call/email the VTC if you wish to discuss any issues or
concerns you have about your tutoring.

Tutors are required to submit Volunteer Tutor Progress Report.