German summer courses with ILI

The summer is a great time to learn a language like German. We’re generally a bit more relaxed, more open and expansive as people when the warm weather comes, and these are important characteristics of a learning mindset.

Summer German course options with ILI

Study German Abroad

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Consider a language immersion experience and study German in Germany! We can assist you in finding a location and program that’s right for you.

Private German Lessons

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Our Private German lessons in-person or online allow you to shape your learning around your busy life. You choose the times, days and topics, we’ll do the rest!

German Summer Courses in Germany

If you’re planning on heading to Germany this summer on one of our Study German Abroad programs, then you’ll see that Germany is on a very similar latitude to our home in Massachusetts in North America. That means the winters can be cold, grey and long, and the summers are so much sweeter in comparison. A German summer course in Germany will be identical to any other time of year. The beneficial difference comes when you step outside of the classroom and you’re out in the vibrant atmosphere of street cafes, warm cobblestones, and that whole feeling of euphoria you feel when you’re on holiday in the sun!

If you like the idea of taking a German summer course in Germany, but you’re not sure where to start, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Wilkommen – Welcome!

As standard we customize your German course abroad just for you. We first help you choose between our sister schools in Germany, we get to understand your level and goals, your learning style and personal preferences, then we compile a quote based on those requirements.

Best of all, you pay no more for this service, than if you had gone directly to the school.

Summer courses in German in the US

Of course, you don’t need to venture that far. You don’t even need to leave your home if you don’t want to. You can take German classes sitting out on the porch with your laptop, or head into downtown Northampton, Mass, where you’ll find our warm, friendly, cosmopolitan language school.

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or already a pro, our courses are designed for all levels. Get ready to chat, dive into grammar, and boost your vocabulary in an environment that’s both supportive and engaging. 

Private German Summer courses – online and in-person

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At ILI, we offer private German lessons in addition to our German summer courses. 

Our private lessons are tailored to your individual needs and goals, allowing you to progress at your own pace and focus on the areas that are most important to you.

Whether you’re looking to improve your conversational skills, prepare for an exam, or simply learn more about the German language and culture, our experienced instructors will work with you to create a personalized learning plan. 

Contact us today to learn more about our private German lessons and how they can help you achieve your language learning goals! 

Our teachers

All of our German teachers are skilled professionals with Master’s Degrees or TESOL certificates. ILI is also a teacher training center, which means ILI’s staff are always mindful of the latest approaches to German language teaching, making your life as easy as possible.


“I studied German with ILI via a live online german conversation class. The classes were great, and everyone was super friendly. Because they’re so interested in you as a person, it can’t help but boost your self-confidence, and that is critical when it comes to speaking a language. I’m hoping to join the next course and keep going. Thanks Linda and Heather.”

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Ready to start a German Summer Course?

Registering for a Spanish Summer Course with ILI couldn’t be easier! Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Choose which program format best suits your needs.
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  3. We’ll be in touch to get everything confirmed!

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