A charming cobblestone street in Germany lined with colorful buildings.

Program Locations

Study German Abroad in Germany

Germany has an off-beat, cheeky confidence to it which is a thrilling contrast to the rest of Europe. The language can feel like a tangle of rules at first, but from the very beginning, the hard work is offset by the joy of German’s rich and colorful vocabulary, and quirky, fun people. 

The fun of learning German in Germany

  • Discover Germany through its vibrant, alternative culture.
  • Relish in Germany’s rich vocabulary and memorable words.
  • Learn from positive, engaging German teachers who are great ambassadors to their country.
  • Practice German outside the classroom with other students and open-minded locals.
  • Learn German your way, combining class time with life in eclectic Berlin, lakeside Lindau or mountainous Munich.
  • Get help from each school’s social program coordinator to build a free time schedule that follows your passions.

Program Info

Tuition Fees Around $500/week including accommodation
Language levels Beginners and up
Location ?


In-country classes are when you travel overseas to study the language in a country where the language is spoken natively.

Minimum age 16
Frequency Start almost any Monday

Group Size

Average 7

Course Timings

Duration Minimum of 1 week

Choose where to learn German in Germany

We have four superb German locations for your language travel adventure. We’ll be able to help you choose if you’re not sure. But here they are:

German in Berlin

Panoramic view of central Berlin during sunset.
Panoramic view of central Berlin during sunset
  • The capital and largest city in Germany
  • See Berlin’s most famous landmarks by boat
  • Picnic in the Tiergarten
  • Take an underground tour
  • Climb the Siegesäule for a view over Berlin’s Tiergarten
  • See the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery

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German in Munich

People enjoying a carnival ride at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
People enjoying a carnival ride at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
  • Located in the Bavarian region
  • Climb the 299 steps to the top of St Peter’s Tower
  • Surf the waves of Munich’s Eisbach River
  • Visit the city’s oldest farmers’ market
  • Try some pork knuckles or a giant schnitzel
  • Attend a beer festival

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German in Lindau

Harbor in Lindau, Germany on Lake Constance.
Harbor in Lindau, Germany on Lake Constance.
  • An island on lake Constance on the south of Germany, connected to the mainland by a bridge.
  • The lake borders Austria and Switzerland
  • Admire Lindau’s Harbor and iconic Lighthouse
  • Wander the charming old town
  • Explore the island by bike or boat
  • Ski the Alps

German in Regensburg

Historic European town with colorful buildings reflecting in the river at sunset.
Historic European town with colorful buildings reflecting in the river at sunset.
  • Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a well-preserved medieval city center
  • Savor Bavarian food and immerse in local traditions throughout the city
  • Engage in a vibrant academic environment in a university town
  • Admire the picturesque settings along the Danube River
  • Benefit from a relatively lower cost of living compared to bigger German cities
  • Enjoy the serene environment, ideal for those who prefer a quieter place to study while still having access to urban amenities..

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“Excellent program. Teachers are very engaged and helpful.”


Program Info

Tuition Fees Around $500/week including accommodation
Language levels Beginners and up
Location ?


In-country classes are when you travel overseas to study the language in a country where the language is spoken natively.

Minimum age 16
Frequency Start almost any Monday

Group Size

Average 7

Course Timings

Duration Minimum of 1 week


Choose your course type

Each of our study abroad partner schools in Germany will offer a slightly different range of program formats to choose from, but these are likely to include, as a minimum:

International group classes

This is where one of the big benefits of studying German in Germany becomes clear – your fellow classmates will be native to other countries. The common language in and out of the classroom is German.

Your teachers in Germany will all have learned to teach German using the same methodology – one which lends itself to using German every moment of your time together.

That may seem daunting at first, but because your classes will be at your level of German, you really have nothing to worry about. Even if you’re a complete beginner, your German teacher will make you feel comfortable and confident. And then the fun starts!

Extra private German lessons in Germany

While you will usually attend group classes, it is generally possible to add a handful – maybe 5 or 10 per week – of private German lessons where you’ll pay extra to have your own personal German tutor.

Just like the private German classes we offer at ILI, you’ll be able to use that private time to boost your learning, focus on a troublesome area of language, or prepare for a specific event or situation which can’t be covered easily in a group context.

German + activity & combination courses

Some schools have packaged together their German courses with popular activities, so that each week you take part in activities around your chosen theme, for example:

  • German Language programs for over 50s
  • Business German
  • Vocational Training Program
  • Internship opportunity for B1 levels and up

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

Package options

We’ll help you with the whole package – everything you need to think about to get you from where you are now, to sitting in a sunny classroom somewhere in Germany, learning German!

We know it can seem like a big leap, which is why we help you with all the moving parts:

Airport transfer (additional fee)

Your school can provide a customized airport transfer service for your convenience, ensuring a smooth journey from your arrival at the airport.

Should you require it, they can also arrange transportation back to the airport on the day of your departure.


They’ll advise you on the most popular accommodation options in each location, and they’ll do everything they can to support any special requirements you have.

Our colleagues at the school will then have you complete their forms to book you into the accommodation of your choice. It’s really that easy. Before you leave for Germany, they’ll be in touch with all the contact details you need, along with clear instructions on how to find your accommodation, and travel between the accommodation and the school.


One thing is certain, there will always be plenty to do when you’re studying German abroad in Germany. Sure, you’ll have your German lessons each day from Monday to Friday, but that won’t generally take up the whole day, unless you book a very intensive German course.

Normally your chosen German school in Germany will put on activities and excursions for you. Many will be low-key social activities in and around the school, such as something cultural, sporty or fun. However there will also be the opportunities to sign up to extra paid excursions – to visit local art galleries and museums, a palace or castle, or other famous monument during the week. the weekend where we go to another city or the Alps for example

Then on the weekends, there will frequently be full-day excursions to neighboring cities to consider, maybe a trip to the Alps for example,… you get the idea!

And of course, if all that sounds like too much, these activities are optional. You can kick back, go find a park or a quiet cafe, and watch the world go by.

A girl with a backpack walking by the triumphal arch.

If you require a different course duration or a different class time to usual, please get in touch and we’ll tell you what’s possible and provide you with a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re certain that you’ll have plenty of questions ahead of booking a German in Germany language program with us, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most. Please use the form below to get in touch, and we’ll be right back to you.

Selected FAQs

We are accredited by the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) and have created great partnerships with other small language schools around the world.

We have sent students to a number of schools and in exchange we receive a commission on the student’s tuition for the recommendation at no extra cost to you. We put this money towards our Free English Program for Immigrants and Refugees. This helps close the gap on funding we receive from the state of Massachusetts and what the program actually costs to run.

Most of our partner schools have a minimum of one week requirement for their language travel program so you can go for a week or more!

Most of our partners offer homestay, shared or studio apartments options.

In most cases, when studying abroad, the availability of food options can vary. Many of our partners offer accommodations with the option of one or two meals a day as part of the package. You may also choose to do all your food shopping or eat out if you prefer.

When it comes to making arrangements for flights and transportation from the airport to your accommodation, students are responsible for purchasing their flight tickets independently. However, our partner schools often offer the convenience of airport transfers, which can be booked in conjunction with the courses and accommodations. This service simplifies the process of getting from the airport to your destination once you arrive at your study location.

Still got an unanswered question?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us.

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Other ways to learn German

Private German Lessons

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Our Private German lessons in-person or online allow you to shape your learning around your busy life. You choose the times, days and topics, we’ll do the rest!

Online German courses

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Our online German courses are always live with an ILI teacher, in very small groups, meaning you can attend from anywhere you like.

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