Our advanced English classes help you speak, write, and understand natural English for work and school. No matter your job or major, you can study useful English topics to reach your professional and personal goals. We offer private advanced English tutorials, individualized group English courses in the USA, and a University Pathways track that offers conditional acceptance to 12 regional partner schools in Massachusetts. We’re here to guide you to success on your college and career path.

Advanced English: Definition

An advanced English speaker is someone who has a high level of proficiency in the English language. If you can demonstrate the ability to understand, communicate, and express complex ideas effectively, using a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures, you are an advanced English speaker!

You can engage in nuanced conversations, comprehend various forms of written and spoken content, and are generally able to navigate the language with fluency and precision.

What is there to learn in an Advanced English Class?

The journey of learning English never truly ends. When you take advanced English classes, you realize that the more you know about English and US culture, the more you do not know yet — and would love to learn.

Whether you’re mastering idioms, deciphering regional accents, or parsing cultural nuances, advanced English lesson shed light on unexplored territory. You may need jargon for your career, slang for your social life, or prose panache for your thesis project.

You may require strong writing and reading skills for business communications and academic essays. Advanced English classes introduce vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking skills necessary for career success.

Do you struggle to follow naturally spoken English in movies, on social media, and on the phone?

Advanced English classes can skyrocket your listening skills through authentic audio and practical activities. Advanced English classes help cultivate conversational fluency for professional networking, sociable small talk, and university group work.

Do you have a hard time reading non-simplified English news sites, literature, or documentation?

Advanced English classes give you strategies to skim for gist, scan for details, and read for enjoyment.

Our advanced English classes incorporate hands-on tools, authentic texts, and expert instruction. Advanced English conversation lessons include discussion strategies for greater fluency, essential idioms for deeper comprehension, and intercultural skills for higher achievement in diverse English-speaking environments.

Whether you prefer to learn advanced English for academic purposes, business English, or general English in private online English classes or face-to-face in our school in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, we have options for you! We can even visit you in your workplace (online or in real life) to deliver custom advanced English lessons for your company or association.

Who will be in an Advanced English Class with me?

Students in advanced English classes come from a variety of backgrounds, from all over the world. Every advanced English student walks into the classroom with a different set of skills and experiences that contribute to a vibrant learning commnuity. .

Some advanced English students have lived for years in the USA, gaining strong listening skills, cultural knowledge, and practical life experience. Other advanced English students have worked at international companies, developing business English vocabulary, oral presentation skills, and tech savviness. Other advanced English students are visiting the USA for the first time, bringing years of experience in the classroom building their academic English vocabulary, essay writing skills, and textbook savviness.

That’s a great benefit of advanced English classes. Not only will you have the guidance and support of English teacher, but you’ll also gain English knowledge, cultural insights, and life skills from your classmates.

Can I take any format of English course at ILI Northampton at advanced level?

We offer private advanced English lessons online via Zoom and on campus at ILI in Northampton, Massachusetts.

The best way to learn advanced English in the USA is to join our Intensive English program in-person at our school. This full-time English course includes advanced English lessons as well as a University Pathway track to help you transition to our 12 regional partner colleges and universities. The Intensive English program is currently not available in an online format, but we welcome new students on campus at the beginning of every monthly session, making it easier for you to schedule an advanced English course.

Here are our Advanced English course options for you to consider. If you need help choosing, let us know!

English Course Options

The Intensive English Program

IEP students standing in the courtyard in front of ILI.

Our intensive English program delivers 21 hours of class time per week with intakes every four weeks. It’s friendly and fun and you’re welcome.

Private English Lessons

Male student writing about first US experience.

Choose Private English Classes for exclusive one-on-one time with your teacher, or add them to your Intensive English Program for an extra boost.

University Pathways Program

Three students sitting on the lawn on a college campus studying and talking.

Our intensive English program delivers 21 hours of class time per week with intakes every four weeks. It’s friendly and fun and you’re welcome.

English for the Workplace

A large group of ESOL students who work in a hospital.

Workplace English boosts English language communication skills in your place of work. Individual or group, online or face-to-face, it’s all possible.

Our English Teachers

Four ILI English teachers in front of the school on a sunny day.
Four ILI English teachers in front of the school on a sunny day.

Our English teachers are exceptionally skilled professionals who hold either a Master’s degree or a TESOL certificate. Their qualifications and dedication allows them to deliver top-notch English language education. With their extensive expertise, they foster an engaging and effective learning environment, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality instruction.

“I am incredibly grateful for this amazing school. In just three months, my English has improved so much, and I have made lifelong friends. From day one, I learned things like the past perfect, which I never understood before. Everything just seemed to be so complicated for me before ILI. Everything about this school is special, and every day is exciting and unique. It truly is the best English school in the world, and I’m already missing them so much! The teachers and directors are simply fantastic. They make you feel at home. Thank you, ILI, for everything. You will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Woman next to a river.
Thamires Mourão from Brazil Learned English on our Intensive English Program

Got a Question?

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Selected FAQs

Your English needs to be at a B2 level (Upper Intermediate) to attend most universities in the US. If you come to us with a B1 level, we recommend 6 months of English study before applying for college. If you’re currently A2 (High Beginner), you’ll definitely need 12 months of English study for college.

But remember there’s more to college prep than TOEFL and IELTS cramming. You need practical training for the US academic environment. You need to speak up in class actively, write well-organized original essays, and read hundreds of pages of English every week. Our University Pathways option provides that training to transition successfully without needing to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or any other test.. We require a minimum of 3 months in our University Pathways option before potential consideration for a recommendation to our partner colleges.

One month or four weeks.

Lots! Our students come from around the world with a variety of backgrounds and goals. While the minimum age is 15, most of our students are adults interested in English for personal, business, and academic purposes. In the past several years our IEP students have come from Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Chile, Italy, Ivory Coast, South Korea, France, Venezuela, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Belarus, Columbia, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Chad, among many others.

That’s a big question with no easy answers. It depends on your goals, your native language, your mindset and other factors that can affect your progress. The whole topic of how long it takes to learn a language includes both guesswork and scientific research. With one-on-one academic counseling, our team can help you set a realistic time frame that fits you. To begin the conversation, the chart below gives a general idea of how long it usually takes for English learners to advance levels in our Intensive English Program.



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