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Your gift to ILI is more than welcome! Whether you are already a donor or new to ILI, we hope the information below helps you decide how best to make an investment in your community language learning center. The ILI team of supporters like you, students, teachers, staff and board of directors can truly make a difference in so many lives by ensuring ILI continues as a vital part of our local communities!

Donate online

Just click DONATE and follow the instructions on our safe and secure platform. NOTE: We do not share or sell your information.

To make a bigger impact, consider signing up as a recurring donor at $10, $25 or more each month. It’s easy to do online at DONATE and goes a long way to support the ILI team all year long!

Send gifts by mail

Mail a gift via check to ILI at:
International Language Institute of Massachusetts
25 New South Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Workplace Matching

Many companies and workplaces offer matching gift programs. If yours is one, you can increase the impact of your donation with just a few clicks. Check to see if your employer has a matching gift program.

Other Options

There are many other ways for you to support ILI. We can—and have—received transfers of stocks and securities. Or you may choose qualified charitable distributions from your IRA through charitable rollovers, give a gift from your donor advised funds, arrange for memorial and honorary gifts in memory of your loved ones, and leave bequests and legacy gifts to ILI in your will.

If you are interested in exploring these options, please contact ILI executive director Caroline Gear (caroline@ili.edu; tel. 413-586-7569, ext. 104). She can provide more information and will be happy to discuss the many available choices with you!