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About Sonya Rumpf

Language Instructor and Specialist in Financial Inclusion Policies

Sonya joined the ILI board in 2022. She has been a proud friend and supporter of the school since receiving her ILI TESOL certification in 2009. She has taught intensive Spanish as well as free English classes for immigrants and refugees at ILI and is thrilled to be supporting the school’s mission as Board Member.

Having grown up in a bilingual, multicultural home, Sonya discovered early on the joy and depth of connection that comes from being able to relate to people across cultures through shared language. She holds a BA in International and Intercultural Studies from Pitzer College and a MA in Political Studies from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin, Colombia.

Sonya has spent her career driving financial inclusion policies within the corporate, technology, and social impact sectors, most recently leading Partnership Development at Grameen America, the largest nonprofit micro-finance institution in the U.S.