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About Cait Simpson

Cait is Northampton based with a background in Digital Marketing, Performance, Non-profit work, and Event Planning. She has a bachelor’s degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and an Associates Degree in Music. Her experience with digital marketing is something she learned and developed originally to grow her own creative ventures, and it has led her to work with music organizations and nonprofits that she truly believes in. Cait’s work revolves around creativity with a focus on community growth and connection.

Cait loves working for the International Language Institute of Massachusetts because she feels that it is a genuine, innovative, and diverse environment that cultivates quality education and honors the experiences of everyone involved in its community. The staff and teachers she has had the privilege to call colleagues are truly incredible.

When she is not working in Digital Marketing, Cait is a musician and writer and performs with the band The Greys and her solo poetry and music project Dirty Words. She is one of the co-founders of Dwellings Arts, a non-profit that celebrates interdisciplinary artwork and performances with a focus on community engagement and growth, founded with values of ethics and equal representation at the forefront. You can follow The Greys and Dwellings Arts on social media if you’d like to keep up with Cait’s work.

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