Cancelation protocol for Private Tutorials

  • Please be on time.
  • If you know you will be late, please let your tutor know right away by email.
  • If you need to miss a session, please let your tutor know 24 hours in advance. If a 24-hour notice is not possible, regular charges will apply.
  • If you do not attend a confirmed session, regular charges will apply — even if you send late notification.
  • If your tutor has to cancel a session, you will not be charged.
  • Please remember to confirm your next meeting with your tutor at the end of each session.
  • Questions? Send Heather an email message (

Tutorial Refund Policy

Refunds are calculated based on the number of hours used and which price tier was reached. For instance: if you purchased 10 hours (10 x $70 = $700, the Tier 2 rate) but only use 7 hours (7 x $75= $525, the Tier 1 rate) your refund will be $175 ($700 – $525 ).

Complaint Procedure

Students are encouraged to voice their opinions during feedback in class and directly to the instructor. If a student has further concerns about the class or program, World Language students should contact the World Language Coordinator, Heather Hall, by email.  Further concerns should be brought to the attention of the Executive Director, Caroline Gear. Contact information is below. Students will receive a confirmation of receipt of complaint within 7 days. The final step in resolving a complaint is to contact ACCET, the agency that accredits the school. You can find the ACCET complaint procedure here.

Heather Hall:

Caroline Gear:

The ILI Promise

At ILI, we believe that all our actions should stem from grace and loving kindness.

Portrait of Caroline Gear - Executive Director
  • We operate as an equal opportunity organization.
  • We nurture relationships beyond the classroom.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality language instruction and teacher training.
  • We promote intercultural understanding and celebrate the diversity in our local communities.
  • We work collaboratively to build and sustain the communities we serve.
  • We believe in life-changing teaching and learning.