I’ve been holding conversation classes throughout this past year, as many local residents seized the opportunity to gather online to practice their Spanish fluency skills and meet new people. 

We’ve listened to and discussed podcasts from Spanish speaking countries, held conversations around specific topics such as movies, food or books, and recently started reading a book of short stories by the famous writer from Colombia Gabriel García Márquez, called Doce cuentos peregrinos.

We read one story a week, then get together on Zoom for open conversation about the story. 

There are no questions to answer, instead readers talk about what they liked in the story, ask each other clarifying questions, or share how the story resonated with them.  Anything goes!  People also like to talk about their personal lives, pets, or travel experiences – ¡lo que sea!  It’s a great time to gather together, to share our passions and motivations for speaking Spanish and learning about other cultures.

We’re almost finished with this book, would you like to join for the next one?

Student quotes:

“Saralé facilitates the group well and can move the conversation with good prompts and questions.”

“I have taken many Spanish classes [with ILI] over 10 years and have really improved my fluency. The teachers are friendly and skilled, and the classes are fun while being rigorous. I highly recommend ILI grammar and conversation classes.”