#VoicesOfILI is proud to share the story of Paula Ramirez, another student from our Intensive English program!

Paula is 21 years old and comes from Colombia, where she studies the Marketing of International Business! Paula came to ILI earlier this year with the goal of improving her English in order to pass a test at her university. This test will determine if she gets her degree. “Get the degree to get the job!” is Paula’s motto.

During her time in Northampton, Paula stayed with a host that she described as very helpful and organized. On Sundays, she accompanied her host to Smith College and where they helped to train an elementary school track team – this was a different take than her normal Sundays in Colombia. At home in Colombia, Paula says she spends most of her time with friends and family, going to the movies, trying new restaurants, and gathering on Sundays for big brunches.

Having lived just a short walk away from ILI, Paula described her time at school as very fun and interesting. She enjoyed the small class sizes because it gave the teachers the ability to pay attention to each individual’s needs. The games they played in class were engaging AND entertaining! After class, Paula’s favorite thing to do in Northampton was to visit the shops downtown, although she did say that they don’t compare to the big mall back home in the Capital of Colombia.

Something interesting about Paula, if you weren’t already impressed, is that she is a great cook! Two of her specialties are salmon and banana bread. YUM!!!

Thanks for chatting Paula, although we were sad to see you go, we know you are going to ace your exam after ILI!