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Board Member Job Description

Mission:  ILI’s mission is to promote intercultural understanding by providing high-quality language instruction and teacher training.

Title: ILI Board Member

Purpose: To serve as a voting member of the International Language Institute of Massachusetts’ (ILI) Board of Directors.  Primary responsibilities are to assist in the development and then approval of policies, procedures and regulations to govern ILI’s operations and to monitor the finances, programs and performance of the organization.    

Term: Three Years

Attendance Expectations:

  • Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings (monthly meetings/calls)
  • Attend meetings/calls of Board committees on which the member serves
  • Attend Board retreats, planning sessions and Board development workshops
  • Attend and participate in ILI special events

Obligations of the Board:

  • Establish policy
  • Hire and fire (if necessary) the Executive Director and evaluate (annually) the performance of the Executive Director
  • Monitor finances
  • Maintain, update and monitor strategic plans
  • Spend sufficient time on-site to understand ILI’s programs

Specific Duties:

  • Attend meetings and participate in and show commitment to Board activities, events and committees
  • Be well-informed and prepared for meetings
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience as appropriate
  • Contribute financially (no minimum amount specified)
  • Listen respectfully to other viewpoints
  • Assume leadership roles in Board activities, including fundraising
  • Advocate for and represent ILI to the public, businesses, government officials and the           community
  • Educate yourself about the needs of the people ILI serves

Benefits of Service

  • Service to local community
  • Connection to a small, unique mission-driven organization with a global perspective
  • Access to a network dedicated to international education and professional, highly skilled language teachers
  • Ability to apply special skill sets
  • Help to impact lives of refugees and immigrants
  • Access to high-quality language classes (one free course per each year of service)

Potential members should send a letter of interest to Eric Wirth, ILI Board President.