Checklist for Observing an ESOL Class

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Choose 2 or 3 of the below points to reflect on while observing teachers.

  • How does the teacher introduce the lesson?
  • Does every learner talk? For how long? When do the learners talk to each other?
  • How many learners are participating in the activity? For what length of time?
  • How does the teacher correct learner errors?
  • How does the teacher make transitions from one activity to another?
  • What is the ratio of learner/teacher talking time?
  • What is the ratio of skills practiced: (listening/speaking/reading/writing)?
  • How much does the teacher check for learner comprehension?
  • How much native language is used? When?
  • What is the focus (goal) of the lesson?
  • How many different ways is the focus presented and/or practiced?
  • Does the teacher do feedback?
  • How does the teacher conclude the lesson?