Refund Policy

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If a participant decides not to attend a course to which s/he has been accepted, s/he may apply the $300 non-refundable deposit to another course within 6 months. If the candidate is not accepted or the course is cancelled due to low enrollment, the $300 deposit will be returned (along with the $125 housing search fee, if applicable). If a participant withdraws in the first two days of the program, s/he can receive half of the tuition payment back, minus the non-refundable deposit. Non-native speakers who decide to withdraw from the course in the first two days due to language difficulties will also receive half their tuition back minus the non-refundable deposit. There will be no tuition refunded after the first two full days of the course.

If a participant must withdraw mid-course for serious medical reasons or because of a family emergency, and can provide a doctor’s certificate confirming the situation, s/he can re-enroll within 6 months without payment of further fees. There will be no refund.

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