ILI TESOL Certificate (3 or fewer participants)

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This course is offered, instead of the SIT TESOL Certificate course, when 3 or fewer participants register. This course is very similar to the SIT course in that student-centered teaching is also the focus. The same trainers provide both courses.

With fewer participants, the ILI course offers even more individual attention and more practice teaching hours. In the ILI course, participants also examine existing methodologies and investigate integrated activities while looking at the components of a lesson. Like the SIT course, the ILI course covers the cornerstones of language teaching: Eliciting, materials, error correction, feedback and evaluation, as well as grammar (how, when and why we teach it), pronunciation, intonation, speaking styles, and understanding and recycling vocabulary. Both courses address learning styles and provide suggestions for multi-level classrooms.

Minimum Enrollment: 3