Study in Spain

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Traveling to Spain? Thinking of studying in Spain? Do you want to travel and study?

Let ILI Help Plan Your Own Trip to Study in Spain

If you’re interested in finding a language program to fit your interest or would like to study in a particular area of Spain, contact ILI’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Alexis Johnson. Alexis lived in Spain for 9 years and returns every year where she attends an annual Spanish language school conference to visit schools and observe classes. She has a wealth of knowledge and information for those who would like to combine travel with language study as well as other recreational and cultural interests in Spain.

Spanish and…

  •  Sherry tasting
  •  Ceramics
  •  Cooking
  •  Flamenco
  •  As a family
  •  Much more….

To learn more about the wide variety of unusual and exciting study possibilities in Spain at no extra cost to yourself, call or e-mail Alexis to set up an appointment.