Home-stay Information

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Arrangements are made for students to stay with area hosts. A $240 per week fee includes a private room with meals or $165 per week fee includes a private room with kitchen privileges. Host families live within walking distance of the school, or on a bus route. We cannot guarantee a family for a student who gives us less than 2 months notice. A student may have more than one host family during his or her stay at ILI. There are more housing opportunities for students who decide to rent a car. Arrangements can also be made for students to stay at one of the many comfortable hotels and Bed and Breakfasts nearby. Questions & Answers About ILI Student Home-stay Program, Living with an American Family and Living in Northampton gives more information for prospective students.

If you need housing please fill out the Home-stay Request section (within the IEP application) and return it with your Intensive English Program application.